Our Story 

As passionate riders, we have seen our fair share of close calls & unfortunately, injuries from riding or flying rocks shattering peoples fashion eye-wear or visors.

Sadly one of our mates lost an eye when lifting his visor up to catch some air. A rock lifted from a tyre ahead of him and that was the end of his full vision.

We wanted to provide eye-wear that was protective but also something we would typically wear off the bike as well. It had to be practical, UV blocking, unbreakable and could be used both Day & Night.

We were sick of watering eyes, lack of protection and the trip to the local Bunnings for clear safety glasses every time night fell and we had a long journey home. Nothing we could find ticked the boxes, so we thought, lets just do it ourselves!

SKRAM Moto Eyewear was created because it’s the product that we want to wear! It took us years to get to production & having sold over 250 pairs, we are proud to say that these are the best looking protective eye-wear on the Moto Market! But this is just the start! 

Keep your vision yours & ride protected with SKRAM MOTO EYEWEAR.