Our Story 

There is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle & experiencing the wind passing by your face as you power through the corners! But with wind comes debris, the risk of objects hitting your eyes & potentially causing serious injuries.

As everyday riders, we were carrying around 2 pairs of glasses everywhere we went! Our fashion sunglasses for daytime riding & protective clear glasses for night riding.  We became tired with the risk of fashion glasses breaking & potentially causing injury, then also having to swap glasses once the sun started to set. 

We looked high & low for eyewear that ticked all the boxes. They had to provide protection, perform as sunglasses to block harmful UV rays, perform as safe night riding glasses & look cool! As a result SKRAM Moto Eyewear was born. 

Our goal was to create a pair of motorcycle riding glasses that did it all. Lenses that adapted to the light around us, ensuring our visibility was perfect regardless of what time of day it was, but also unbreakable lenses that withstood bugs, rocks and debris at high speeds. 

We’ve spent years testing over 50 different lenses until we found the set that we could put all of our trust into. We came up with frame designs that are classic & iconic, whether on or off the bike. We used premium materials giving you comfort & flexibility, while sturdy enough to last. 

But enough about us & how much we love them, you be the judge!

Time to SKRAM.